Here at Jumper, we’re full of appreciation for ARM’s effort around Mbed OS. The choice of C++ is bold, the API design is solid and the hardware support is broad. Though it took it a while to stabilize, we’re seeing more Jumper customers making use of Mbed. We previously covered some gaps around the Mbed testing frameworks. It’s time to make a suggestion on how things should look when combining a modern embedded OS with a fast and easy testing framework!

We’re happy to announce that our CTO, Dan Shemesh, will be one of the keynote speakers at the ARM Mbed Connect conference. Mbed Connect is a developer-focused event, created and instructed by developers for developers. Learn key insights about Mbed as well as an array of other IoT devices, highlights on key industry trends and learnings from keynotes by technical founders to smaller, hands-on forums. Checkout the agenda right here – We hope to see you there in San Jose on October 16th!

Dan will be covering the test automation and continuous integration on the main stage. Of course, we will showcase our simulation technology as a key enabler in the test automation process for embedded software. Here’s a quick preview from the Mbed blog.

To sign up for the conference, use this link. Follow us on Twitter for a $30 discount promo code. Dan and team are available to discuss how test automation and continuous integration play a key role in embedded software.